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cabinet d'avocat echo avocat par remy philippot en droit public à paris et versailles

For Echo Avocat, understanding client lies first and foremost on being aware of his legal and regulatory, economic and technical environment in order to handle the full range of issues and imperatives that need to be taken into account to make the decision.  
It is also about knowing and understanding their sector, their processes, their flagship products, their developments and specific issues.
It is lastly and mostly about giving attention to the people who are part of the company, the association or the concerned entity. 

Echo Avocat’ commitments : A regulatory follow-up for each recurrent client. Participating in professional seminaries in the clients’ sector, regularly publishing articles on subjects related to its clients.




Since time is a key variable both for counseling and litigation, Echo Avocat has set up a special «emergency» e-mail : in order to manage in a privileged and differentiated way priority requests. 

Echo Avocat’ commitments : Acknowledging receipt of each client’s question and request within a 12-hour period, even during week-ends, in order to be certain that the client obtains a preliminary analysis or answer as soon as possible.




Law is firstly about bringing operational, effective and well-tried solutions to a given issue. 

Echo Avocat’ commitments : 

  • In counseling, to exchange, as soon as possible, and in compliance with our rules of ethics, with our colleagues, accountants, auditors, professional bodies, competent jurisdictions or administrations for a feedback on a given problematic and/or a proposed solution;

  • When needed, Echo Avocat involves other professionals and experts (foreign lawyers or with different specialties, notary, consultants, accountants) in order to provide a cross-sectional answer, while keeping track of the current case and budgetary control;

  • To draft consultations favoring the operational side and offering solutions with analytical advantages/disadvantages, risks and a recommendation;

  • To carry out a legal and regulatory follow-up for any matter discussed in order to bring a comprehensive picture of major developments.



Law is highly scalable and a law firm must constantly look for upgrades and anticipate emerging issues, Echo Avocat has set up a «legal innovation» unit: this unit, led by academic staff and lawyers, aims at generating new tenets in the legal field. 

Echo Avocat’ commitments :

  • To provide for its clients the result of its research by integrating them directly into its services once they represent a capital gain. 

  • For example, when necessary, Echo Avocat consultations contain, besides the answer to the question, a «recovery» part (if it’s justified) in which The firm draws customer’s attention to possible legal means to improve a legal structure, another clause in a contract, a practice...




Collaboration with our customers involves being transparent, especially about the cost of an intervention. 

Echo Avocat’ commitments :

  • To systematically ask for the Client’s approval on the team as well as a detailed estimate of its fees as an estimated number of hours, fixed fees or, if need be, a complementary success fee.

  • Set up a monitoring system in order to anticipate potential expenses superior to the initial estimated fees, and communicate on any legal evolution which may have an impact on the cost of our service, and to clearly explain any extra billing.

  • As part of a qualitative approach, send the client an overview in order to get feedback and improve the quality of our service as well as the relationship.

Développement durable

Sustainable development


Sustainable development has a dual meaning to Echo Avocat :
The will to develop a quality, long-term relationship and support with its clients.
Abiding by fundamental values, such as ethics, environmental sustainability, solidarity and mutual assistance.

Echo Avocat’ commitments : 

  • To their clients: a real commitment during their growth phase as well as the less dynamic ones, and to be there to assist them, particularly during difficult times.

  • Volunteering our time to provide free legal advice to associations and people experiencing difficulties.

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