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Droit public


Rémy Philippot avocat en droit public à Paris et Versailles
  • Public contracts (public calls for tenders, public service delegation, PPP contracts and agreements on occupation of public space) ;

  • Environment (classified facilities, contaminated soils and areas, nuisance, outdoor advertising) ;

  • Public Service Labour Law ;

  • Administrative Liability ;

  • Proceedings in the administrative and other specialized courts ;

  • Constitutional and European litigation (ECHR, CJEU) ;

  • Public Economic Law (state aid, competition, privatization)

  • Semi-public entities (Economic Interest Groups, State-controlled firms, Public companies) ;

  • Election Law ;

  • General Administrative Law.

Droit de l'Urbanisme, constrution et immobilier


Rémy Philippot avocat en droit immobilier à Paris et Versailles

Public and private real estate :

  • Public works and construction law ;

  • Town planning, land development (urban planning and regulation, retail planning) ;

  • Public property ;

  • Pre-emptive rights and expropriation.

Droit de l'environnement


Rémy Philippot avocat en droit réglementaire à Paris et Versailles
  • Administrative authorizations (support in relationships with the administration, public bodies, local governments or independent administrative authorities) ;

  • Securing a safe legal environment for companies ;

  • Administrative sanctions ;

  • Sector-specific regulatory law (renewable energies, pharmaceuticals, construction…).

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